What are Solid Surface (or Composite) Kitchen Worktops

Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops (also known as Composite Kitchen Worktops) have been around since the 60′s, but have only become popular more recently. Offering many of the advantages of both real stone and laminate worktops, they are a great alternative choice.

Solid Surface worktops are a form of reconstituted stone. They can give some of the depth of colour and texture of real stone, but are easier to care for and far cheaper.
Solid Surface worktop

  • Solid surface worktops are available in almost any colour, as well as some patterns. The colour comes from a combination of the mineral (stone) used and coloured resins used to bind the stone into a worktop.
  • The bonding polymers make solid surface worktops almost entirely non-porous. Unlike real stone worktop surfaces, they do not need additional sealing or careful care to prevent stains from everyday use. It also makes it great for use in damp environments, like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The worktops have a very high temperature resistance due mineral content – they resist burning more than laminate worktops.

Most solid surface kitchen worktops are bonded to a standard chipboard base, which makes the entire worktop lighter to handle and easier to cut. As long as they are fitted correctly, the surface will protect the chipboard from damp.

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