Choosing worktops to best suit your kitchen

Having installed hundreds of kitchens over the years, I feel I have a good idea of what worktop colours and types best suit each kitchen style. Here are my findings:
choosing a kitchen worktop colour

  • Wood effect laminate worktops look great with white or off white kitchen doors. Many modern wood effect laminate worktops now come square edged for added realism.
  • I advise against matching wood effect laminate worktops with wood colour doors. Although modern wood effect laminate worktops look extremely realistic, I find that the finished installation never looks quite right. Instead, try a solid surface (otherwise known as composite or reconstituted stone) or solid wood worktop. Alternatively, stone effect laminate worktops work well.
  • For the modern home, there are some beautiful quartz effect laminate worktops available. These give a very contemporary look, especially matched with contrasting cabinet doors.

Of course everyone has their own ideas. Use our Worktop Colour Chart to easily weigh-up your options.

Worktop samples can be ordered free of charge to let you see the actual colour in various lights.

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7 comments on “Choosing worktops to best suit your kitchen

  1. What would be the best option for brightening up a kitchen in a flat with little natural light? It’s one that it let out, so needs to be good looking and durable.

  2. admin on said:

    I assume we’re talking about the flat on your website? I would tend to go for a black, higloss worktop to contrast the colour of the rest of the room. I don’t think it will be too dark at all. But being a rental property, higloss they can scratch if abused. A “Riven” texture worktop looks glossy and is much more hard wearing.

    We have a whole section of “Black and Near Black worktops“. Feel free to order a sample of any worktops you like. We’ll happily send these free of charge for you.

  3. It’s the first time when i’ve seen your site. I can understand lots of hard work has gone in to it. It’s really good.

  4. admin on said:

    Thank you. It’s great to get positive comments from someone in the same industry.

  5. When our Maia worktop was fteitd the kitchen fitter failed to seal arround the Frankie sink properly an we now has a 20mm crack at one corner at the back of the worktop. Could the sink be removed and edge of the wood be sealed and the surface routed out and filled with a repair kit?The reason I would prefer a repair is that to replace the Maia would mean taking the kitchen appaart as it goes into a corner with big unit at each end.We love the worktop as a productYoursJohn Nightingale

  6. Quartz kitchen wpkrtoos are the best option of wpkrtoos. Some of the benefits of worktop includes that it is strong, stain-proof and fire-proof as well. It gives over all strength to the structure and gives a marble like finishing.

  7. admin on said:

    Mr Nightingale, from what you’re explaining I see no reason why this can’t be removed and reinstalled properly. You will need to speak to an installer to confirm this.

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